Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Gary Shilling interview with ET Now - January 2019

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Topics Discussed include
- Chinese economy is definitely slowing and will continue to slow in growth.

- Huge Debts in China. China does not have a safety net.

- Plenty of supply of goods and supplies right now around the world which gives the buyer (USA) the upper hand in trade negotiations.

- USA has better chance of winning the Trade War.

- American companies are moving supply chains out of China. 

- Biggest threat to Emerging Markets are their Dollar denominated debts.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Gary Shilling on The Income Generation Show

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Topics discussed
-Recession indicators showing we may be going into a Recession

-Yield curve historical relationships with Recessions

-Gary Shilling's Portfolio - Short stocks via indices, Short Emerging Market stocks, Short commodities, short copper, Short Oil, Long Oil, US Dollar, 30 year Treasury Bonds

-Trade War is gaining a lot more respect for the US.

-Investors were taking a lot of risk

-Cash can be king.